What’s your dream job? I’ve always wanted to be a professional hotel + restaurant reviewer. I’ve even done mystery shopping as a side hustle to get a taste of the life. I love finding new places with great vibes. Road trips, day trips, weekend trips always lead me to gems that I can share with others who love to travel. Going forward I’m going to document these places and start a running catalog of all the great experiences. My first stop on this tour is Warwick, Rhode Island.

I was traveling to Warwick and came across a boutique hotel by the name of NYLO. Honestly driving up to the property felt like a scary movie. The building its situated between a dilapidated mill in a business park, a small residential area and a large mall.  Pulling up around nine pm to the dimly lit area had me rethinking my perfect streak for picking amazing hotels. Glad to say I was pleasantly surprised to get the full NYLO effect. Upon entering there’s a huge barn door painted in a very bold yellow. When  saw this door I immediately knew this spot would be a gem! The check in desk was backed by various art and the lobby was filled with hanging chairs and a large wall filled with books.

 The building looks as if it was formerly a mill or some type of industrial workplace. I loved the exposed brick in the rooms. My particular room did not have the best lighting but scrolling through instagram I noticed people using these rooms often for photo shoots. My room overlooked the river and one of my favorite sites, the Target bulls eye.
The hotel boasts a gym which was very clean and well put together. The best part was the gym area had a sauna, showers and lockers. I was surprised to see a boutique hotel gym with this many amenities. If you love working out while traveling this would definitely be a plus.
 Food is a major key any where I go. I had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Everything was fresh and delicious. My meal was the signature breakfast with a side of fruit but there were definitely some exciting options on the menu.
I dined during a very slow hour but the service was great. It’s still a little chilly outside but there’s a full outdoor patio that looks perfect for warm summer days and a glass of mimosa!
 The hotel restaurant is the best part of NYLO. With vibrant nautical décor, ornate mirrors and tons of natural light, I could have sat in the restaurant all day. This setting is perfect for groups of all sizes. As you can see there is plenty seating and gorgeous photo opportunities. Check out more images below!        Warwick is about twenty minutes from Providence which means there is even more to explore. I’ll definitely be back to NYLO Warwick and I plan on visiting the brand’s other locations as well. This is the perfect spot for a girls weekend. Just make sure you’re traveling with friends who know how to catch you in best light because you will definitely want a million photos in this beautiful hotel!

If you follow me on instagram you probably saw my ashy reveal of my new travel pieces. Yes, it was between the finger and thumb on a cold winter day ashy but that’s how excited I was about the products. I didn’t even attempt to get cute! Well now that I’ve invested in a camera I can show you the pieces in a much better light.

When I say I am in LOVE… I don’t know how else to amplify this statement. I purchased the Landon Carryall in the Quartz color and size large and the Hunter toiletry bag in the size large from one of my favorite brands Dagne Dover. This brand is known for constructing chic yet functional pieces to keep your life organized. What I love most about each piece is the add-ons they come with.

The Landon carryall comes with a zippered shoe bag, a mesh pouch and a stretchy leash you can use to link the pouch or many of their other products. The pouch and leash are sold seperately as well but the shoebag is exclusive to the carryall. The interior has two mesh pockets, a laptop sleeve and a zippered pocket.

The Hunter toiletry bag comes with a mesh pouch that attaches via velcro as well as a wide oval shaped mesh pouch that is perfect for makeup brushes and pencils. There is also a mesh sleeve in the interior and three loops perfect for glosses, lipsticks, etc.

Once you factor in the adorable camo dust bags that the products actually arrive in (which of course you can make use of as well) you are truly getting your money worth. I use the large dust bag to separate soiled items within my carryall and the smaller dustbag to store gadgets like chargers, headphones and batteries. As far as I’m concerned I paid for two pieces and received nine products.

Since purchasing I’ve had a handful of friends do the same and they are equally satisfied. These pieces are great for all levels of travelers but especially perfect for me who loves a good weekend or road trip. This purchase is a no brainer especially with free shipping and hassle free returns. But trust me, you won’t be sending these babies back! Shop now with my referral link and treat yourself!

Riding in the back of a suburban our uber driver cracked up at the ʺgirl talkʺ my friends and I were having. We rode pass a Sephora and my girl exclaims that we should go together so I can show her all the products I buy. Before catching the train to NYC I did a quick little face in the car. I am not a make up artist. Or even a girl who knows HOW to do makeup. I just like to look awake (shoot, alive) sometimes! But one thing I do know how to do is score free makeup.

I do not shop at Sephora. That place is the devil’s playground lol. I love to browse in there and yes I’ve made purchases but I’m not a regular. Most if not all of the items in my makeup bag have come from Influenster. Influenster is an online community to receive and review various products including for the most part beauty products. My Revlon foundation, YSL color corrector, Marc Jacobs eyeliner, BITE matte lip pencils… ALL free via Influenster. I’ve even received a Victoria’s Secret bra and vouchers to try free food products.

You build up a profile, qualify for campaigns and submit reviews and feedback. It’s really that simple. The only catch is it does take a while to start qualifying for campaigns. I’ve been a member for about four+ years and I can definitely say the freebies have picked up within the last two years. Being active on the site and completing all the necessary campaign activities are the best way to build up your ʺinfluenceʺ and receive more product. Now obviously if you’re a MUA or makeup junkie, this is not going to be super life changing. But for the rest of us, its lit!

I also use the BACK2MAC program to return old containers in exchange for free product. Another way I get free makeup is taking all the things my mom passes on from her many subscription boxes. But I’m not sharing my mom with y’all so you’re out of luck there. 😉

Sooo… what are you waiting for… go sign up!

@MarcJacobs #Highligher Matte Gel Eye Crayons complimentary from @Influenster

This is that life changing moment when you find your big sister’s diary and it unlocks the ultimate secrets of life. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but I’m definitely here to spill the goods. It’s what I do, I love to share. If I know, we know. I’ll be here as often as I can keeping you in the loop on all the great finds that make my life that much easier. Relax and take notes.

xo, shay.

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