Rosé Wine Mansion

Rosé Wine Mansion

It’s 2018 and instagramable pop-up exhibits have become a staple of pop culture. Big bustling cities like L.A, San Fran and NYC host them often, each one with something new to explore. When a fellow foodie and adventurer linked me to the Rosé Wine Mansion, I just knew this would be the perfect introduction to the world of interactive exhibits for me.

My girls and I packed our things up nomad style and caught a train from New Haven to NYC. Our itinerary included the Rosé Mansion followed by Curlfest (the mecca of natural hair culture for women & people of color). I’m honestly glad we planned to Rosé first because the trek to Curlfest truly wore me out! Rosé Wine Mansion is a very short walk from Grand Central Terminal so it’s super convenient if you’re taking the train in. Located at 5th & 39th, you can feel the good vibes radiating from the outside!

Along with your self-guided tour of the Rosé Mansion, entry includes the cutest stem free wine tumbler equipped with a thumb rest, a cute NYC Rosé enamel pin, and tastings of eight different Rosés as you move through the exhibit. You also receive a sticker pack which you are encouraged to use to decorate the first room of the mansion! The stickers are actually various grapes used to create Rosé. I love that this exhibit was heavy on interaction and education.

Each room has great photo ops and a staff member pouring up a sample of a Rosé related to the theme of the room. The Rosé around the world room was super cute and even had a large map allowing visitors to peg places they’ve enjoyed Rosé around the map.

The Blending Lab room was definitely one of my favorites. There was a lot of useful information on how different blends work together to create signature Rosé tastes. We had the opportunity to taste our own blend as well. My blend was medium weight, zing! level acidity, and light and delicate fruitiness. Absolutely delicious!

I really love how The Blending Lab was set up like a chemistry lab. I’m definitely going to recreate this whole look for a wine tasting idea I’ve been playing with in my thoughts!

My next favorite was the Secret Apothic Garden. This is one of the most instagramable rooms of the exhibit boasting a floral framed swing and a clawfoot bathtub filled with rose petals. Rosé Wine Mansion is so photo friendly and actually encourages you to take your best shot. This room suggests two photos and one boomerang per area (just to keep it fair due to the large crowd). We met a friend along the way (what can I say, Rosé brings people together) who hyped us up and helped with our photo ops. Thanks, Mark, for screaming “Yessss Solange!” while I basked in the tub!

We took sooo many photos but I’ll just keep it light because I want everyone to go and experience Rosé Wine Mansion! I actually feel like I have a better understanding of what I like when it comes to Rosé; now I won’t be so overwhelmed in the Rosé isle at Total Wines. A couple of days before visiting the mansion I stood in the Rosé isle looking perplexed. A staff member asked me what I was looking for and I state “a sweet Rosé.” Probably meaning no harm at all he replied: “okay, so you’re looking for a white Zinfandel, follow me!”  Now sir, I said what I said, and I said it pretty clear! I can laugh about it now that I’m better equipped to look at the selections and find the offering that fits my perfect blend!

If you’re in NYC you should absolutely take advantage of this gem that’s right in your backyard. If you are willing to travel for Rosé, like me, its still worthwhile! I didn’t pack light simply because I had another event to attend but all you truly need is a fully charged camera and some good company. Purchasing tickets in advance is definitely recommended, especially with the popularity of the exhibit. If you go, hit me up on insta and let me know what your favorite room was!

Shout out to our new friend + hype man, Mark!

Great time with my girls! Our next stop is the Sue Tsai pop-up exhibit in August!

Fun fact from the mansion: The US & France are in direct competition for the highest rosé consumption. Let me go pour a glass to boost our numbers!!

Until next time, NYC!


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