The second Saturday of each June is deemed National Rosé Day. Some people get annoyed with all these “made up” national holidays; I my friends am not one of them! There are several reasons why I love this holiday, faux or not.

Firstly, I love champagne! To me it represents celebration and joy and how could we ever have too much of either? Although Rosé generally refers to wine, like all great things it can not be boxed in and has found its lane in the champagne world. My favorite champagne Veuve Clicquot offers a Rosé label and I love everything about it from the taste to the pink branding.

Secondly, I love the history of this holiday! In 2014 Bodvár – House of Rosés submitted a request for the holiday to be added to the National Day Calendar (yes, this is a thing!). I am low key fascinated with marketing and branding and I find it absolutely genius for a rosé house to capitalize on the fact that this day did not previously exist. Rosé is chic and trendy and many brands have benefited from the holiday’s existence. Celebrating National Rosé day has become the premier summer kickoff celebration meaning not only an opportunity for brands & businesses to grow but also opportunities for us rosé consumers to have a great time!

Lastly, I now have a personal connection to this celebratory holiday. My friends (and now business partners) and I have been working hard to launch a brand that started as a simple vision. Although the master plan has not yet been fully achieved, we decided to stop waiting for that perfect time and share with the world what we had been working on so far. On National Rosé Day we came together to finalize details and talk future moves, of course over a few types of rosé! The result was the launch of our baby Aglow Event Styling. Aglow will specialize in floral backdrops and other luxe event rentals.

We all have this undying desire for good vibes. Good vibes in the moment means laughing until we cry, dancing even if we look foolish and bantering back and forth with the wittiest of jokes over great food and better cocktails. Good vibes is also the feeling of all of those great memories bottled up and creating a space in your heart that no one can take away. We understand how essential celebrations are in curating these vibes and we want Aglow to be an inspiration for these positive feelings. While life is not about material possessions, being surround by pretty things always sets the tone for a good time in the now and a great memory in the future.

Trying out a new brand of Rosé and it looks great with our Rosé All Day floral backdrop!

Of course we had to have a good ole trusty as well! I’m sure there are fancier Rosés out there but you can never forget your humble beginnings. Barefoot has been holding it down since Drake put us on to Moscato lol!

For Valentine’s Day I tried the Angry Orchard Rosé Cider and wasn’t really impressed. I’m glad to say the girls and I enjoyed the Strongbow! It is very light and refreshing. The perfect summer with a crisp taste and the right amount of bubbles. 

Aglow Rosé All Day Flower Wall

This is our premier Aglow floral backdrop, Rosé All Day! She’s a beauty!

Needless to say, I enjoyed National Rosé Day 2018. It was spent working hard with some of the people I truly love creating memories with. Next year the holiday actually falls on what we are calling our official anniversary, June 8th. So you know what that means? Everything rosé business anniversary party with the coldest of rosé bottles and the prettiest of backdrops. See you next year!