Donut Crazy

I’ve been team sweet tooth all my life. So I had to get my hands on one of the fancy creations from Donut Crazy in New Haven. Donut Crazy has a big line up of unique and desert style donuts that are not for the faint of heart.

I was told to try the pop tart donut which as you can see from this photo is very intense! This is not something I could finish but I had to get it just to say I did! I love pop tarts so this was a cool find for me.

I also picked up the strawberry cheesecake donut. This one looked right up my taste bud’s alley. I ended up giving it away to someone outside the restaurant so I’ll have to add this back to my to-do list for next time.

Now this here! This angelic avocado toast with bacon and an egg over easy? Yea, I finished this. No question! This was soooo *expletive* good. If I had an avocado toast budget I would eat this daily! I liked that Donut Crazy not only had the extravagant pastries but also classic breakfast menu items that one can eat any time of day.

I think the carrot cake donut will be next on my list!

I’ll be back here soon to try more goodies and do a repeat of the avocado toast 😉

The Study New Haven

Hey y’all! Just wanted to drop a quick line about a gem I came across in the Elm City. The Study at Yale is a boutique hotel conveniently located within the widespread campus of New Haven’s Yale. This spot caught me eye because you can see through the lobby window that it’s set up like a study! I saw a large wall filled with books and modern comfortable seating and just had to get a better look at what The Study had to offer!

The lobby area does have a little station that sells coffees, teas and pastries making it the perfect place to take in a new read. I was not a guest of the hotel so I didn’t get a peak at the rooms but the lobby alone gave me a fresh vibe. Inside the hotel is a restaurant called Heirloom. It’s dimly lit with marble table tops and a nice exposed wine cellar.

There’s also a hidden gem that I must share with you. Heirloom at The Study has a private events room that is a must see. Boasting its own bar and gorgeous views of the city, this room is the perfect setting for a small private gathering. I don’t live in the New Haven area so it may be hard to get my people out there for an event but someone needs to take advantage of this space! Check out the photos below!

Amazing view of the city out of a large window that spans the room!

There are also additional meeting spaces on the first floor but this room really impressed me. Hopefully I’ll be back one day either throwing or attending an event!